Gimbal allows you to build progress in the game by collecting bounties and expanding your budget, measured in trillions of dollars. Your budget determines how hardcore your ship may be. There are no budget penalties or reductions in Gimbal, so you will always build your budget the more you play.

As you expand your budget, you will pass various monetary milestones, for which you will be awarded new military ranks. Rank advancements unlock new parts in the Ship Designer and give you little stars next to your name in game scoreboards.

Winnings are awarded by:

  • Winning a Round
  • Winning a Game
  • Murdering an Enemy

Winnings from killing enemies are adjusted based on the rank of your enemy. Target other strong players for the maximum award. Bots are worth less because they are just bots.

Advanced Rankings and Thresholds:

Star1 iconRighteous Commander $2000T

Star2 iconHella Commodore $3500T

Star3 iconCaptain Of War $4500T

Star4 iconSuper Admiral $6000T

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