Welcome to the Gimbal WikiEdit

Unofficial wiki for the Gimbal game begun by the /r/Gimbal subreddit. A multiplayer shooter with buildable vehicles.

If you're new to the game, check out The Guide.

  • A ship activates its sensor Ping.
  • Hangar: ship selection screen
  • Hangar: ship design screen
  • A team's base, the Carrier
Gimbal Trailer

Gimbal Trailer

This wiki aims to contain everything you need to know about the game. If you wish to contribute then please go ahead, every little helps!



  • The Guide (Official Gimbal Guide)
  • Introduction/Gameplay
    • Spoilers "100 Gimbal Tricks"
    • First Steps/Your Pilot
    • Controls/Camera
    • Money And Rank
    • Playing Online/LAN
      • Maps/Gamemodes (with ship recommendations maby per Hyperlink to "example ship list")
        • Race
        • Free for all
        • Capture the flag
        • Destroy Carrier
          • Carrier Description
  • "Hangar"
    • Ship list
      • Owned ships
      • Homebrew ships
      • Stolen ships
    • "Test flight"
    • "Edit design" Ship Builder Interface
      • Description of Ship Builder Interface (Basic usability; Component Inventory, Ship building area, Component placement, Component rotation, etc)
      • Description of Ship Component Categories (Propulsion, Weapons, Airframes, etc)
      • Ship Components
      • Description of Ship Component Tiers
      • Description of Ship Dynamics (Drag & Aerodynamics, Steering, Propulsion, Mass affection)
      • Description for Software management
      • Example Ship list
        • Sorted by Tier/invested Money
        • Anybody should be able to post and document his shipdesign.
  • Tips, Tricks, Hints, Gadgets, Bug exploits, Known bugs and FAQ, wherever they see fit!