The HUD (Head Up Display)Edit



Control camera zoom by rolling the mouse wheel or using the assigned camera zoom keys (defaults are "[" and "]"). This will either give you a wide or a detailed view of the playing field.

North ModeEdit

This is the default camera mode. The camera follows your ship, and is oriented "north up".

Dogfighting ModeEdit

This mode is good for lining up shots and for accurate high speed flight. The camera follows your ship, but is oriented and locked on to the direction of your ship.

Stationary ModeEdit

Stationary mode stops the camera in place. It no longer follows your ship.


Spectators do not participate in the game, and instead can view the entire playing field with a special spectator camera. Clicking on an object to lock the camera to it. Click on empty space to lock the camera on that spot. When not locked onto an object, move the camera by the arrow keys, WASD keys, or moving the mouse to the edge of the screen. The spectator camera can also be used in North mode or Dogfighting mode.


Game outcome is determined by your team's number of round wins at the end of the game. Round outcomes are determined by the destruction of carriers, complete elimination of enemy players, or by frag counts. The server host determines how much armor the carrier has, or how many extra ships each player gets. At the end of the game, a winner is declared, and the map rotates to the next map in the list.



The Carrier is your team's mothership and home base. It comes heavily armored, and can be heavily armed. When spawning, you will be dropped near your carrier. To resupply on the carrier, simply fly over the landing area. Your ship will be arrested, resupplied, and launched automatically.

Find and destroy the enemy carrier to secure a round win, and defend your own carrier at all costs.



Your team shares a common sensor network, based on the cumulative sensor readings of everyone on the team. In other words, you can see when your teammates can see. When an enemy ship is out of sensor range, it will become invisible. Use strong sensors, and stay near the enemy to keep them lit up. Your teammates can vector in on your targets or launch long range attacks against them.

If you are equipped with an external sensor, you may temporarily boost its power by "pinging" it using the ping function (default ENTER key), but your ship will be illuminated as well.

You may also build a stealthy ship by paying attention to your electromagnetic emissions rating, or "EM". To keep your EM low, use a small stealthy fusealge and mount low power engines.



These floating behemoths come from an ancient time, and are completely unexplained by the current scientific body of knowledge. Avoid collisions with them.

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